About EENE Ιnternational

Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE) was established in 1987 and consists of a significant number of more than 150 dynamic Greek entrepreneurs who are active and key leaders in the Greek and International market in a wide range of important industries and has recently decided to add another layer to its regional efforts; EENE International.

The purpose of this internal establishment (EENE International) is aiming at building up relations with governmental organizations and foreign institutions to help sharing and exchanging ideas as well as understanding not only the Greek positions, but also of the country’s partners.

It is only through long term prospects and supported policies that one can achieve market economy principles which will cement co operations between countries and increase  investments in a mutual beneficial way.  

To this extent, EENE International has started its efforts within the Greek-US, Greek-Germany and Greek-French context whereby it cooperates closely with US, German and French institutions and associations, as well as other business organizations in the countries. The Association had a series of meetings in Washington D.C, New York, Chicago, the German Parliament and the French Parliament.

The association’s mission is to encourage not only businesses from the above mentioned countries to invest in Greece, but equally so, Greek entrepreneurs to enter their markets.

There have been already a couple of interesting success stories of Greek businesses operating in the US, in Germany and in France in the sectors of food and beverage, tourism, technology & innovation, and aerospace & defense.

Yet, Greek businesses, of all range from small to large sized ones, need to adopt a much more active and ambitious planning strategy abroad, with a model not only based on exports - which is the first necessary step but also aiming on future investments and long term co operations.

EENE International embraces activities of mutual communication and collaboration across a broader spectrum essential to promote business abroad which needs to be approached and supported by different angles, from as many organizations and individuals as possible. It is only in this way, that entrepreneurship can contribute for things to go in the right direction, for companies to open in new markets and foster a constructive and inspiring dialogue enhancing a dynamic and productive business ethos.