The Association
The Hellenic Association of Entrepreneurs was established in Athens in 1987 and consists of a significant number of more than 150 dynamic Greek entrepreneurs who are active and key players in the Greek and international market in a wide range of important industries.

Our principal aim is to support and foster entrepreneurship in Greece through constructive dialogue and engagement with: the country’s political leaders, the society, the growing community of young and startup entrepreneurs, as well as significant opinion makers.

EENE focuses on amplifying the voice of the progressive, productive and high-achieving entrepreneurs. We support those who create and innovate, contributing to the economy’s overall outwardness and competitiveness. This entails good corporate governance and corporate social responsibility. In this context, EENE supports all those who work towards a series of critical reforms:

-The reform and upgrading of the public educational system,
-The harmonization of the Public Administration and its structures with the technological revolution of the 21st century and the society of information,
-The ensuring of the sustainability of the Greek pension system,
-The advancement of higher levels of efficiency and productivity in the public sector,
-The eradication of corruption in all levels,
-The modernization of industrial relations,
-Τhe close cooperation between social partners with a view to reaching agreements on a number of important issues where they share common interests.

Our vision is for the Association to serve as a critical reference point and valuable platform for the Greek business community. To provide a fertile forum where leading ideas and core entrepreneurial values meet, interact and catalyze positive action. To act as a driving force for modern entrepreneurship, highlighting the need to reexamine the ways in which we discover, produce, manage and convey knowledge.

There is a need for the country to progress rapidly and dynamically. This requires a sustainable economic model, coupled with a clear vision, demonstrating both speed and adaptability. Since its foundation, EENE actively contributes to this effort. We heed to and promote values that advance the public optimum; actively contributing to the creation of an entrepreneurial culture in Greece.

Recognizing the challenge of the times, our members believe in the importance of ‘Patriotic Entrepreneurship’. In short, we: Stay in Greece; Create job opportunities in Greece, Create wealth in Greece. These dictums require the creation of new ‘Social Contracts’, which will help foster greater harmony among the different social groups, but also between the state and its citizens; thus contributing to the public good.

The Association organizes regularly ‘working lunches’ and events that facilitate the exchange of ideas between its members and the country’s political leaders and bodies, the preeminent institutional actors, foreign Ambassadors, distinguished academics and leading experts.

In addition, in the context of constructively contributing to the national public dialogue, the Board participates in top level meetings with key institutions and important opinion shapers in order to advance the Association’s positions regarding our economy.

We and our members also participate, support, co-sponsor and co-organize events that energize the productive forces of the country - fuelling the creativity, innovativeness and energy of the Greek entrepreneur.


Hellenic Entrepreneurs Association (EENE)
Telephone: +30 2106287211 (Mrs. Iris Arapoglou)
FAX: +30 2106157017
Postal Address: Kefalariou 1 & Filadelfeos
14562 Kifisia, Athens